Blockchains Acquires Development Firm Behind ‘The DAO’ Project

Blockchains Acquires Development Firm Behind ‘The DAO’ Project

United States-based blockchain incubator and investment firm Blockchains, LLC, has acquired the German Ethereum dev team, according to a press release on June 3.

DAO) project “The DAO.” Co-founders and brothers Christoph and Simon Jentzsch will reportedly join Blockchains as VP of technology and director of blockchain development, respectively.

IoT) devices with the Ethereum blockchain. The organizations will continue to stay in their separate offices inside the U.S. and Germany.

ETH) from the project.  

The subsequent fallout from the hack undermined confidence in both the Ethereum network as a hosting platform and the concept of DAO’s in general.

reported on Cointelegraph, the Ethereum Foundation announced a re-release of its website in May, aimed at promoting the development and dissemination of community resources.

post, the website is intended to curate community-created content for developers as its core documentation, not to replace them with official write-ups:

“’s purpose is to be a portal to those resources, not a substitute for them. will prioritize linking to content created by the community, as opposed to hosting native content on every topic. Through community contributions, the website will evolve over time to always surface the best relevant material about Ethereum.”

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